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  • 20 jun 08:00 - 22 jun 17:00
  • Marina di Carrara-Carrara, Tuscany, Italy

the Blockchain technology,
representing a very important driver for innovation and performance, yet still needing to be known
by wider audiences in its actual potentialities – and not only for cryptocurrencies.
Indeed, Blockchain is a key technology for the Railway and Multimodality sectors, as it
introduces a new modality to approach processes based on data immutability. This untaps a very
wide and varied potential of applications enabling benefits in terms of performance, safety, security,
sustainability, operations, and business models.
The full understanding of the technology and the identification of use-cases where it can
deploy its benefits for each organization become, therefore, fundamental. Last but not the least,
also UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics) has meant to give its contribution by adopting
in April 2022 the Report “Distributed Ledger Technology in Public Transport. Use Cases for
The event is therefore conceived as an ‘acceleration event’ to understand the technology and its
potential application. For this reason, the aim is to introduce and understand the technology as
such and what revolves around it – so as to acquire fundamental knowledge – and then apply it
to the railway and multimodal sectors both with presentations on current use-cases (Day #1, 20
June), and – through brainstorming, presentations, pitches, group work, and networking – identifying
In the framework of the EU projects new use-cases suitable to help companies and value chains increase performance, sustainability, quality etc. of key industrial processes (Day #2, 21 June).
Finally, Day #3 is dedicated to our European partners


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