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About the Railway Cluster

The Railway Cluster in Västerås is a cluster cooperation between railway technology companies located in Västerås and Västmanland County. The cluster provides a cooperation platform for regional companies engaged in the train and railway industry. There are train manufacturers, infrastructure contractors, engineering and training consultants, complemented and strengthened by providers of operations and maintenance (O&M) services and  research and development (R&D) competence.

Rail-based public transport is a key success factor for a sustainable development of our society.
Our member companies are well positioned as established suppliers of products, system solutions and services, which will be increasingly required for such sustainable development initiatives, i.e.:

  • Planned investments for the development of the Swedish railway network
  • Political consensus on initiatives such as the doubling of public transport by 2020
  • Municipal spending on light rail transit
  • Ambitions at the newly formed regional public transport authorities with respect to inter-regional rail services

More than 3000 people are currently employed in our region by train and railway technology suppliers, serving the Swedish and global train and railway industry with innovative solutions. The majority of these suppliers are located in Västerås.

The cluster was established in 2013 as a non-profit organisation, with initially around 20 member companies having a total turnover of more than 10 billion SEK.
Five working groups have been established in order to drive the cluster development in a powerful, effective and organized way; “Financing”, ”Member Activities”, ”Market and External Relations” , ”Competencies” and ”Societal Development”.
The cluster member companies are expected to contribute to the development of the cluster and to cluster activities through their own resources and skills, primarily via these working groups.

Purpose and Goals

The Cluster aims to strengthen our region as a leading center for train railway technology:

Where our industry interacts for increased business volumes,
Where our industry attracts more people for employment and industry-oriented studies,
Where arenas are offered for local, national and international interaction with a focus on societal needs for sustainable transport solutions.

Our goal is to attract more people to choose Västerås and Västmanland as their place for education, work, residence or establishment of new businesses in the railway industry.